Our Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

We are a small PNG SME but with a big vision to become one of the best wholesale suppliers and manufacturers of Secondhand Clothing Bales, Fashion Accessories and Fashion Textile products as well as other products that complement our core products.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to support as many mum and dad retailers of secondhand clothes, fashion accessories and complimenting merchandises relaising their dream and earn a living with quality easily saleable products at low prices always. We will strive to bring our products and services close to their homes and work places by integrating E-commerce technologies and delivery partnerships with reputable logistic companies. 

Value Statment

We do not under-estimate the value of all our customers, big or small and place great emphasis on them to ensure that we deliver their orders on time as scheduled and provide timely support when needed. We always stand by them to ensure that they are always winning with what we provide to them. Their win is our win.