Order Shipment

We ship Orders by sea to all major Sea Ports around PNG including Lihir and Kiunga. Our Freight partners are Consort, Bismark and South Sea Lines. We also freight orders upto the Highlands (to as far as Mt. Hagen). 

The freight rates given below are the minimum charges at per cubic meter per destination by the shipping companies, and 1 cubic meter is the minimum charge per shipment load.

A cubic meter of a bale is worked out by Bale length(m) x width (m) x height (m)


1 x 100kg Mixed Wear Bale is 0.56m x 0.48m x 0.82m = 0.22m3 (cubic meter). If you order 1 x 100kg bale, the shipping cost will be as per the rates given below, as they are the minimum charge per load. If you ship 4 x 100kg bales, it will cost the same amount as 4 x 100kg bales x 0.22m3 is about 1 cubic meter of load. 

So, for 100kg bales, shipping cost to any of the destinations given below are as follows:

# 1 to 4 x 100kg bales = to the shipping rate given below, depending on your destination

# 1- 6 x 50kg bales = to the shipping rate given below, depending on your destination.

# Any bales above 4 x 100kg or 6 x 50kg is charged at K128.00 to K158.00 per cubic meter. depending on your destination. 

For More info on shipping cost, please Contact Us

PNG Shipping Rates

The following are destinations we ship orders to and their estimated Shipping Rates. 

A). Lae to:

Destination 1: Wewak, Alotau, Kimbe, Rabaul, Buka, Kieta, Kavieng & Lihir

      * Rate: K648.00 per cubic meter (m3)

Destination 2: Vanimo, Lorengau. 

      * Rate: K728.00 per cubic meter (m3)

Destination 3: Madang, Popondetta & Port Moresby.

      * Rate: K558.00 per cubic meter (m3)

**Any Bale quantity over and above is charged at K132.00 - K158.00 per Cubic Meter of load**.

B). Port Moresby To:

Destination 1: Kiunga, Kimbe, Rabaul, Buka, Kieta

      * Rate:  K728.00 per cubic meter (m3). 

Destination 2: Kerema, Daru, Alotau,

      * Rate:  K638.00 per cubic meter (m3)

Destination 3: Popondetta, Lae

      * Rate:  K558.00 per cubic meter (m3)

Any Bale quantity over and above is charged at K132.00 - K158.00 per Cubic Meter of load depending on your destination port.  

 C). Lae to the Highlands:

We do delivery from along Okuk/Highlands Highway from Lae via Kainantu, Goroka (EHP), Kundiawa (Chimbu), Jiwaka and Mt. Hagen. 

    * Rate: K180.00 per 200kg bales, K110.00 per 100kg bale and K70.00 per 50kg bale.

Any questions regarding shipping costs, please do not hesitate to contact us:



There might be some variances in bale weights and volumes at the actual time of measuring for shipping quotation by the shipping company. That affects the shipping cost and their quote might differ from our estimated quote to our customers. If the actual cost is higher than our quote then, we pay the difference. We do not ask more from our customers sighting actual costs. If actual shipping costs are lower than our quote to customers, then we refund the over payment back to our customers. This is our gurantee.